“Deaths from the Covid-19 Vaccination Program Fit the Definition of Genocide,” Says Lawyer Anna De Buisseret

Senior Employment lawyer Anna De Buisseret spoke with Unity News Network (UNN) about the ongoing court action over the decision to give the Covid-19 vaccine to teens and toddlers.

“We are taking it to court; procedures for judicial review of the decision to roll out the vaccination to 16, 17, and 12 – to 15-year-old age groups have been issued,” a prominent UK lawyer stated.

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De Buisseret has spent the last year working with a team of lawyers from the UK and throughout the world to investigate and analyze all of the data surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak and experimental vaccinations.

Anna likened the injections to the Bell versus Tavistock NHS Trust case, in which it was determined that children could not agree to the use of experimental puberty blockers.

“I wanted every parent to read the Bell versus Tavistock NHS trust judgment, which was given out in December 2020, because yes, it talks about puberty blockers, and some journalists have said ‘oh she’s talking rubbish,’ but that’s not the point,” Anna stated during the UNN interview.

“The key is that it’s an experimental treatment, just like the puberty blockers and these injections were, therefore the analysis is the same. I wanted parents to take a look at that decision for their children.

A youngster under the age of 18 cannot comprehend the vaccine’s risks and long-term repercussions, according to the lawyer, because “none of us know what they are.”

According to Anna, the NHS has regularly broken informed consent protocols and has been hauled to court as a result, resulting in the court issuing instructions.

“I am personally drafting an affidavit for service on Malaysian courts as part of a judicial review, which currently stands at 138 pages. That’s being brought there for the same reason we’re bringing them here, which is that we have proof that youngsters shouldn’t be injected with this experimental medicine.

“The Malaysian team has asked me to provide expert testimony in the form of an affidavit on the fact that not only are the Malaysian informed consent rules being broken in relation to those children over there, but that it is also happening here and around the world.”

Evidence demonstrates that medical ethics guidelines are not being followed around the world, and that many laws are being breached both globally and domestically in every jurisdiction, including crimes against humanity, according to De Buisseret.

“What is happening around the world fulfills the description of crimes against humanity as laid out in the room law, and hence, because of the overwhelming number of people dying, it is a crime against humanity.

“Whether it’s a bio weapon under the bio warfare rules is still being investigated, but various legal teams around the world say that this is also happening.”

She expressed her concern about the large number of people who have been hurt or died as a result of the Covid-19 vaccines, and she believes that injecting youngsters with these experimental vaccines would be harmful to society.

As a result, Anna and her colleagues will send advertising materials to schools and hospitals, effectively putting them on notice.


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