DEAD BABIES Are Piling Up In Morgues!

In an interview with Resistance GB, Wesley, the funeral director for three years, talked about the pandemic experience and what he’s been seeing in the morgues recently. He stated that he considers many hidden numbers of dead babies and newborns in cold storage, piling up in mortuaries waiting for their funerals.

The number of babies he deals with is matched by the excessive number of young people in their 30s and 40s who have been dying due to the vaccine.

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Since the pandemic outbreak, the mortuaries saw a flurry of deaths which later calmed down. But the media moved on to plump the numbers. There was, however, an uptick in suicides in the 2020 summer, especially among young men, but during the 2020 fall, everything was different, calm.

He stated, Come January [2021], the numbers were going through the roof … and that’s since people were being vaccinated.” Now he has the most funerals he’s ever seen in a period of two weeks, and in younger people, he’s averaging about 12 “in one go,” when before the Covid injection he would see only “four or five funerals going, not 12, and not all in that age group.”

He added that he sees a lot of newborns “really high, about 30” when he’s used to seeing only three or four. In other words, about ten times the number of newborn babies are dying than he normally would see — so many they have to keep them in the adult section, where there’s more room. “Obviously, they’re either miscarried or full-term births, but not a lot is being said about it.”

To put the causes of deaths in perspective, the director stated there wasn’t one C-19 death this year. All of the deaths were caused by myocarditis, infarctions (heart attacks), and some pneumonia.

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