DC Mayor Gets Heat For Tweet Appearing to “Shame” Dead “Uber Eats” Driver

As you are probably aware, a horrible carjacking occurred in Washington, D.C.

A Pakistani man who worked for “Uber Eats” was carjacked by two teenage girls, aged 13 and 15. They supposedly tased him and escaped in his car with him hanging out the driver’s side window.

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This isn’t supposed to be a “racial” problem.

It’s a human issue.

But, of course, since the two young girls are black, it becomes a racist tale.

Still, the mass media, which selects news based on skin color, is either ignoring the tale or printing bizarrely weird versions of it.

Mayor Bowser of DC, on the other hand, took things to a whole new and troubling level today when she tweeted a message that appears to “shame” the deceased man.

“Auto theft is a crime of opportunity,” Mayor Bowser said in her derogatory tweet. To – the chances of your vehicle being a target, follow these measures. Keep in mind the hashtag #ProtectYourAuto.”

She then shares a video of “five ways to avoid car theft.”

Are you serious, lady?

Many people interpreted this tweet as a not-so-subtle dig at the hardworking Uber Eats driver who was assassinated, as if it were all his fault. He simply wasn’t “healthy” enough.

On this one, Mayor Bowser really felt God’s wrath. Here’s what people have to say:

“Wow….just wow. So it’s the driver’s fault he was murdered? You’re a piece of work.”

“A Pakistani immigrant was just murdered in DC & your response is to call this a “crime of opportunity”? I hope the immigrant community is paying attention to how democrats, like you, react to this.”

“A human being was murdered while just trying to earn a living. He laid dying on the street while his murderer whined about her phone. This tweet is steaming hot garbage.”

“Victim blaming. You keep finding new lows.”


“No it isn’t and carjacking is a crime of violence…we once though that nothing was worse than Mayor Barry… now we have you…”

“You are a liar, a fraud and possibly a psychopath”

““Also, if you are a hard-working immigrant delivering food in your own vehicle to earn money to feed your own family, we don’t really care if you get murdered during a car-jacking. It’s your fault for not following these steps.”

“you’re a disgusting hack and RACIST!!!!!”

“1. It was broad daylight 2. He was working! 3. They CARJACKED HIM 4. He couldn’t control his car much less the keys in the face of these two …. I have no words 5. Oh he was alert alright….he knew what they were doing and was screaming for help Your are heartless”

“You complete lump.”

“As a proud Democrat, I must say that this tweet is shameful. The timing you chose to post it is shameful. You are classically blaming the victim. “In DC follow these steps to not be killed by two young girls.””

“Mayor Bowser says Asian immigrant Muhammad Anwar was asking for it. Disgusting”




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