DC Elections’ Board Sued Because They Were Keeping Voter Data Secret!

One government group sued the District of Columbia in federal court because they declined the inspection of voter fraud to see the maintenance records are required.

The District of Columbia Board of Elections said they couldn’t give the voter list maintenance docs because of the contract with the ERIC. It is a non-profit that describes its mission as “assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens.”

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The board justified their refusal to give the data with the ERIC contract.

The DC and other 31 states outsource the maintenance of its voter rolls to ERIC.

ERIC constantly provides the district board with reports that show which registered voters aren’t eligible because they have died or relocated.

The PILF is the one that brought the lawsuit, saying that ERIC has a history of inaccuracy in removing deceased and other registrants from voter lists.

“ERIC is being used to hide decisions about who gets to vote and who is removed from the rolls,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams, a former U.S. Justice Department civil rights attorney.

“Transparency in elections leads to trust in results and accountability for election officials. ERIC and its agreement with the District of Columbia are standing in the way of transparency and violating federal law.”
Greg Palast likened ERIC to Jim Crow, Barbara Arnwine, and said, “ERIC should be called ERROR because it’s that erroneous and that full of flaws.”

The lawsuit was filed on December 6, 2021. Monica Evans is sued in her official capacity as director of the DC Board of Elections.

PILF describes itself as “the nation’s only public interest law firm dedicated wholly to election integrity,” saying that it exists “to assist states and others in aiding the cause of election integrity and fighting against lawlessness in American elections.”

In their legal complaint, PILF says that election officials can’t use the DC’s link with ERIC to escape the obligation under federal law to conduct election administration in a transparent matter.

According to the foundation, the complaint in 2016 “examined the voter registration policies and practices of the [Board of Elections] and the [Voter Registration Agencies] to determine whether they comply with relevant federal and District voter registration requirements and whether they reflect best practices in election administration nationwide.”

The auditor said that the board of elections “lacked effective policies and procedures as well as monitoring and enforcement to ensure the removal of deceased voter records, duplicate voter records, and correct voter records with inaccurate birth years from the District’s voter file, as required.”

They don’t comment on pending litigation.

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