David Hogg’s Vaccination Photo Turns Into A Hilarious Free-For-All

David Hogg was shot in the arm by COVID for the first time, proving to the world that he really doesn’t have any “weapons.”

David hasn’t had time to eat since he’s been too busy at Harvard.

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For the love of God, Mamma Hogg, could you give your poor kid a care package with some protein bars?

David took to Twitter to reveal that he had received the vaccine for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate in his age group.

David took a picture of himself getting the shot and then posted it online for everyone to see – but the response he received might not have been exactly what he anticipated.

Many people were preoccupied with Hogg’s arm’s “size” in the photograph.

Those weapons aren’t “huge guns” or even “small guns.” They resemble “squirt cartridges.”

David, ever the opportunistic publicity seeker, took it in stride over this self-promotional picture.

Here are a few examples of comments:

“Jumped the line in front of the seniors?”

“You should thank Trump for Operation Warp speed!”

“Now, try getting your first job.”

“getting vaccinated at a drive thru outside an abandoned mall is peak science”

“Did they have trouble with those Python arms of yours?”

“Surprised the needle didn’t go through your arm”

“Now Maybe try a cheeseburger”

“He looks drugged”

“He couldn’t lift a pillow.”

And let’s talk about pillows. Remember when David wanted to start a “liberal pillow” business in order to compete with Mike Lindell?

That didn’t work out, and he revealed today that he would no longer be making communist pillows.

I made a mistake.



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