Data Proved How Ineffective The C-19 Vaccines Are!

The world’s focus has been directed towards Ukraine, inflation, gun control, abortion, and one news gremlin enjoys its time in the shadows. It’s the inefficiency of C-19 shots.

Israel- 72% vaccinated.

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Israel doesn’t have a huge full vaccination rate, it’s 66%, but the country accepted the boosters -4. However, they experienced the highest C-19 death rate on record this year.

Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, 64%, 83%, 81%, 79% vaccinated.

The Scandinavian countries faced huge C-19 waves. Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway faced huge death rates! But, the worst thing is that Denmark’s wave lasted from the middle of November until the middle of March last year. Now, it started in November, and it still isn’t letting up.

Canada, 86% vaccinated.

Canada didn’t beat its death rate record, but the wave started one month before planned, and the victims’ numbers are the same. We can conclude that the vaccines didn’t do anything.

Japan 82% vaccinated.

Japan faced the worst death rate, where it doubled its all-time record.

Australia 87% vaccinated
C-19 is killing in Australia. It experienced a death record 4x than at any other point during the pandemic. What do you think, maybe a 100% vaccination rate will help, or a mandatory booster for every time people leave the house?

New Zealand, 84% vaccinated
New Zealand’s numbers are something weird. The beautiful country pulverized its all-time death rate.

South Korea, 88% vaccinated

South Korea faces a monster death spike. It has 86.95% vaccinated population.

Hong Kong 89% vaccinated.
Hong Kong also realized that the vaccines and the lockdowns don’t work.

Malta 92%
Just another country that beat its record. It also imposed new lockdowns in January and had 90% vaccinated.

Singapore 92%

It is among the most vaccinated countries on the planet, and they have broken its all-time C-19 death record, and that happened twice.

We have to emphasize that these countries had strict lockdowns! So, we couldn’t find logic in these theories, and we can conclude that the lockdowns and the vaccines didn’t work out.

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