Darrell Issa: What Exactly Happened In The Last Days of The 2020 Elections?

The New York Times finally admitting that Hunter’s laptop is legit has opened up Pandora’s box.

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The way the Big Tech and the MSM interfered and helped in hiding the truth for such a long time was out of this world. That’s called “election interference” and it’s shameful that the New York Times is the only way that’s validated and taken seriously.

It goes to show that even though the media has been hobbled, they still have way too much power.

If they STOP the flow of information, it impacts the American people. A very powerful and scary weapon in their hands.

We can fix all the election mishaps we want, but if we don’t fix the collusion, it’s all for nothing.

According to the Western Journal,

“Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California sees the collusion between Big Tech, the legacy media and the Democrat industrial complex to cast suspicion and even hide this story as the real election interference, as many of us do. And he’s called for Congress to initiate an investigation.”

There’s no way Dems will investigate themselves, but the good news is that this is a signal of what we can expect to see when Republicans take over.

The Republicans need to understand that if we don’t see sweeping changes and heads rolling, they will be the ones who are replaced.

What do you think about this serious issue? It can be really dangerous for the future of Republicans and our country if a decision isn’t made soon.

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