Damning “Afghanistan” Photos Of Biden Are Being Uploaded On An Electronic Bilboard In NY

Seriously, I gotta ask – who is messing with Biden? One of the pics is absolutely hilarious, where you can see Biden peeking out of the blinds! Get it?

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It’s hard to tell if this is a hack, or if someone actually purchased the space on the electronic billboard. It is quite tickling especially in this time when the steel is still hot, and Biden is still on vacation!

According to the report published by the National File,

“A digital billboard in Wilmington, North Carolina appears to have either been hacked or purchased for the purpose of showing a manipulated image of Joe Biden eating ice cream with a bewildered facial expression while the last U.S. helicopter leaves Afghanistan.

According to multiple reports, the image of Biden eating ice cream while Afghanistan burns is on a billboard at the corner of Racine and Eastwood Avenue, near a series of restaurants, hotels, and outlet stores. Another image appears to be an older, viral image of Biden looking through the White House blinds during the Biden administration, presumably alluding to Biden’s elusive weekend spent ignoring the media as the Taliban secured control of Afghanistan.

The billboard is near the busy Market Street and Eastwood Road intersection, which local media reported sees more than 65,000 vehicles drive through it per day, making it the second busiest intersection in the city of more than 120,000 people.

The billboard quickly went viral on Twitter, with users expressing humorous reactions to the new billboard. Some users believed the billboard to be hacked, while others assumed it was purchased for the purpose of mocking Biden and his disastrous withdrawal that led to Afghanistan becoming entirely controlled by the Taliban for what appears to be the first time in modern history.”

Whether it’s a hack, or someone purchased the billboard space – it’s a 100% accurate, funny and amazing ad!


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