Damaging The Immune System: The Largest Human Experiment In The History Of The World

“This vaccine program has been done in a way that has waived norms and standards that have been developed over decades.”

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Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor behind the mRNA technology, has spoken out against the government overreach and the so-called miracle drug. He was censored and thrown under the bus on numerous occasions.

But he never gave up speaking the truth and turning to the other side.

While other experts criticized him and big tech silenced him, Dr. Malone has continued to grasp any chance he could to warn the American people and the world of the dangers of the COVID-19 agenda.

Although censored and de-platformed, Dr. Malone recently discussed the COVID-19 drug in the video below and admitted, “I knew that they had not done the genotoxicity studies. And I knew that they had not done the reproductive toxicology studies. And I knew that they had not answered the question of what the distribution of the protein was. And I knew that they had not demonstrated how long it was expressed.

And so all of these fundamental parameters, that if I was doing this as a new drug, if I was overseeing this program, there was no way I would have let that data package out. I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I would have said, ‘No, I’m sorry. Go back and do your job. You know what your job is? We know what your job is. We’ve been doing this both for decades. We all know what the rules are. And no, this is not acceptable. You will go back and do the studies that you’re supposed to.’ That would have been my position.”

Not holding back on the key issues surrounding COVID-19, Dr. Malone noted, “Speaking out like this is not an easy thing. And you’re always, at least if you think about it, you’re afraid of going too far. So that’s one of the odd things about taking the vaccine after you have natural immunity – now we know it increases your risk for adverse events, which is one of the reasons why we shouldn’t be just willy-nilly vaccinating people. We’re not all alike in that way anymore. We don’t have all the same risks.”

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