D.C. Police Attacked Trump Supporters During The Riot, Hurled Bombs At Crowd! Chris Wray, Dems, And The Media Don’t Allow To Release The Evidence!

On the event that occurred on January 6, the Capitol Police fired flash grenades and rubber bullets at the peaceful Trump supporters with U.S. and MAGA flags.

In the video that we will share with you, you can clearly see that the protesters DON’T do anything to disturb the police!

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Among those people were children, veterans, and seniors!

All those people were together, and the Capitol Police attacked them and started firing on them.

One month ago, one reader shared a video from the Capitol Police and their action during the Capitol Riot.
It is in slow-motion, where we can see the grenade fired over the crowd. The supporters weren’t aware of what is going on, and they can’t run from it.

The flash grenade exploded into the crowd, among whom were children. It could lead to hearing loss, eye damage, and other severe injuries.

The U.S. government attacked Trump sympathizers who were at the protest. But the U.S. government, Chris Wray, the FBI, and many others won’t share the video long 14 hours because there we will see that Trump supporters didn’t do anything, and the police were responsible for everything.

American Greatness shared an article about the January 6 abuse.

But more emerging evidence seems to support the idea that police intentionally agitated protesters to provoke bad behavior, including verbal and physical attacks on law enforcement.

Video obtained by American Greatness last month shows Capitol police throwing flashbangs into a crowd of protesters outside the building. The device, also known as a stun grenade, emits flashes of light and a sound louder than a jet engine. It can cause temporary blindness and disorientation; some flashbangs contain rubber pellets, which some protesters claim were the ones used by police on January 6.

“They’ve been throwing flashbangs, shooting us with bullets,” Kash Kelly said on the video. “These are Americans protesting the right way . . . and we’re getting treated like we’re not even citizens.” (Kelly has been charged and currently is detained in the D.C. jail used to house January 6 defendants.)

Micajah Jackson, charged last month with four misdemeanors for his involvement in the January 6 protest, also witnessed violent attacks by police against protesters. “When I was walking to the Capitol, I saw cops dressed in riot gear and it didn’t make any sense to me,” Jackson told me in a phone interview Monday. Law enforcement, Jackson told me, were dressed in all black like “paramilitary” uniforms.

Jackson said cops waved protesters up the steps near the inauguration stage. “Next thing I know, a riot squad comes out of nowhere and starts attacking people, hitting them with batons and their closed fists. People are getting tackled. That’s when people got turned up and started to get agitated.”

Older women, teenagers, and some children, Jackson said, were getting attacked with flashbangs. “The crowd started yelling, what are you guys doing? That’s why you see people cussing and swearing at police.” (Another recently-released video shows protesters yelling at D.C. Metro cops for attacking them. “We’ve always supported you!” one man can be heard saying to the officers. The USCP inspector general confirmed D.C. Metro police used sting balls during the protest.)

This was the same area where Robert Sanford, a retired firefighter from Pennsylvania, allegedly threw a fire extinguisher at three USCP officers calling them “traitors” and “cowards.”

An infuriating video included in Jackson’s charging documents shows when police started throwing the flashbangs into a crowd assembled outside. The attack, which started at around 1 p.m., begins at the one minute mark in this YouTube video. People, most holding Trump or American flags and shouting “USA,” react with shock and anger. They start swearing at the assaulting officers; some complain about getting hit in the legs and buttocks with rubber pellets. “That got me good,” one man is heard saying.

Dems will never allow for this video to be released because it means their end!

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