CULTURE Cuban UFC Star Jorge Masvidal Verbally Broke Colin Kaepernick

I am not a fan of Colin, and I don’t think that you, dear reader, are one as well…

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Am I right?

Excuse me for my comparison, but this smackdown should be announced as “brutal smacking” in an adult movie!!

Colin Kaepernick has his own brand and is trying to win fame and PR, as well as extra points in the eyes of the Dems, for his own good. He’s no activist. He’s just a rich prudent athlete with no brains.

And one Cuban UFC champ, who is actually a child of refugees, has cracked listening to the bunch of c**p from this wannabe-commie and has called out on him. Publically!

According to the Daily Caller,

“Masvidal posted a photo on his Instagram story of Kaepernick in a Fidel Castro shirt, and wrote, “Cowards like this fool should be sent to live in Cuba see what they say after a day there.”

He’s 100 percent correct.

And this is exactly why so many Americans are sick and tired of Colin, and other athletes like him and why they don’t want “politics” mixed into their sports.

Masvidal is passionate about what Cuban’s are going through right now as they fight for freedom.”

Here’s a video he recently posted on his personal account:

And, it’s not only me who hates ruining the perfect sports games, with a bunch of political propaganda s**t.

And I believe that the rest of America has already stated the same, with turning their backs on the NFL after they started being more political than sporty!

And how do you feel regarding this issue in our society?


Ava Garcia

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