Critical Care Doctor Sues His Hospital Workplace For Not Allowing Him To Use FDA Approved Drugs To Treat COVID

“Prior to COVID, this was common practice. With COVID, all these standards have gone out the window.”

So many medical personnel is telling and revealing the truth…

And they’re the ones competent to resolve this crisis if it actually exists!

Not the politicians and businessmen tied with politicians that are making huge profits and wealth out of this prolonged crisis. And they’re the ones prolonging it even more, to their own personal fit!!!

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But they couldn’t care less if people are losing their jobs, unable to pay mortgages, and entire families end up on the streets, or at foster homes…

Dr. Paul Marik is a renowned doctor from Norfolk, Virginia. He is a veteran in the field of medicine, being a critical doctor for more than 40 years!

He decided to file a lawsuit against his workplace, the Sentara Norfolk General hospital for, as he claims with his own words, “not letting doctors be doctors!”

He filed a complaint just last month against Sentara Healthcare in Virginia after it sent a memo to its entire healthcare system banning “alternative” medicines such as Fluvoxamine, only allowing Remdesivir to be prescribed for COVID-19.

Marik felt that he was personally targeted by this memo, as he openly prescribes Fluvoxamine to his COVID-19 patients.

“Numerous studies, peer-reviewed in outlets like The Lancet and JAMA, show that FDA repurposed drugs such as Fluvoxamine are beneficial to patients with COVID,” he explained.

The FDA allows doctors to prescribe approved off-label, cheap drugs for patients as they see fit,” he said. “Prior to COVID, this was common practice. With COVID, all these standards have gone out the window.”

Though naysayers have accused Marik of prescribing Ivermectin to patients, he claims this is a lie.

“I never was allowed to prescribe Ivermectin in the first place, so how could it be about Ivermectin?” he said in response to these critics. “This is about doctors being allowed to make decisions based on their conscience and medical training.”

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