Crenshaw To the Athlete That Protested On The Anthem: “We Don’t Need Any More Activist Athletes,”

Everyone has a personal right to express their opinion.

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However, do you feel that is very rude for an athlete, that represents a country, to protest on its own anthem and flag? Aren’t you being chosen to REPRESENT?! check once more what the word and purpose of representation mean. It definitely doesn’t mean expressing your personal selfish attitude and opinion…

Crenshaw’s “no more nonsense” response obviously captured and summed up the attitude about this question of many Americans.

“We don’t need any more activist athletes,” Crenshaw said. “She should be removed from the team. The entire point of the Olympic team is to represent the United States of America. It’s the entire point.”

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“It’s one thing when these NBA players do it. OK, we’ll just stop watching. But now the Olympic team? And there are multiple cases of this. They should be removed. That should be the bare, minimum requirement, is that you believe in the country you’re representing.”

“This is the pathology that occurs when we’re teaching critical race theory into our institutions.”

“Critical race theory, again, teaches that our institutions are racist. That our systems are deeply racist.”

“You can’t see the racism, right? Because it’s subtle. And if you deny it, it’s because of your white fragility. But you’re teaching people this constantly.

“And this is what it results in. It results in these displays of hatred towards our own country. And it’s got to stop.”

As a response,Berry tweeted, rivaling not only “diva” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in vanity and self-absorption, but also showing how badly she truly ‘understands’ actual Americans.


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