CREEPY: Meghan Looks EXACTLY Like Princess Diana – Harry Has “The Complex”?!

At first, I thought these photos were fake, photoshopped… I was shocked when I realized they weren’t

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In the dug-up photos, I’ve realized that Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, tends to dress IDENTICALLY as Princess Diana, Harry’s mom.

Some really smart guy/girl, or a big fan of late Princess Diana, has decided to make a comparison between Meghan’s acting, posing, and dressing. The revelation is creepy – either she’s acting, or has some sick, twisted obsession with Harry’s mother.

Something weird is going on in that family…

Coincidence? I really don’t think so!

Princess Di was a true lady, loved and respected by her family and the people in the Kingdom. Markle, as much as she wants to follow her steps, is the totally opposite – she managed to separate Harry from his family, lose royal privileges and tear the Royal family apart – in less time than Princess Di was present on the Royal stage.

Here are some of the comments that followed these pictures, that went VIRAL overnight…

  • “Wow, she is psychologically abusing Harry by evoking images of his mother, a way to get him to rely on her, and doing same with the public, but the public wouldn’t remember all of these images, as he would.”
  • “I read a report somewhere that friends claimed she bought, read watched everything she could find on Princess Diana and then proceeded to emulate her. If true, it is not surprising that Harry (the little boy who lost his much-loved mother) fell for her. Actresses will act.”


  • “Yup. She’s playing a part. Don’t you think she’s looked at every picture of Diana & imitating her dress & mannerisms?? Posing. Trying to be the NEXT Diana.  “



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