‘Crazies’ Will Lead Dems To Defeat In 2022 – Kayleigh McEnany’s Brutal Message To Ilhan Omar

Kayleigh’s sharp and on-spot comments are making politics fun. She sees right through some of the most notorious actions performed on the political scene, and she defies them, opposing them with words understandable for the average American.

She brings truth forward and presents it to the people of America!

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While appearing on Fox News, Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnanyburned Ilhan Omar for her latest anti-police rhetoric.

“How much of a dense ideologue can you be” Omar blamed the “dysfunctional” police for the crime spike in Minneapolis.

Here’s Kayleigh’s response.

“How much of a dense ideologue can you be? You know, she’s attacking her police officers in her city and endangering her city in doing so, but not only that damaging her party, politically speaking,” McEnany said. “If you’ll remember after the presidential election, a little bit of a shellacking in the House level of things. It was not by any stretch a good congressional election for the Democrats. So there was this conference call that Nancy Pelosi had and a more moderate Democrat, who won narrowly a red seat in Virginia, Abigail Spanberger said, guys, let’s stop saying defund the police. ”

“This was a Democrat saying this to her party. But what did Nancy Pelosi do?” she added. “She pushed back on the moderate Democrat. She is the enabler of this dense ideologue, Ilhan Omar, Pelosi is. She’s propping up these voices in her party. And I can tell you the crazies, Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, these anti-police individuals, they are going to be the face of the midterms in 2022, and I guarantee you that moderate Democrat, her prediction is going to come true. It’s going to be a shellacking for the Democrats because of language like you just heard.”


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