Covid’s Beginning and End! Because of Something that Happened in Canada, Covid Rules Must Fall all Over the World!

Patrick King subpoenaed government authorities to prove the existence of covid, but they were unable to do so.

They documented it in formal court documents that they were unable to produce.

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Listen up, people…

It’s possible that there is a covid, but it’s also possible that there isn’t… They did, however, appear to turn everything, including colds and flus, into covid. Everything they claim about Covid is a lie, from the masks to the needles to the tests and the rules, and they did it all without even proving the thing existed. Isn’t it a crime of some sort that they took away the world’s rights based on a lie…? It’s also a deliberate crime with extensive planning that spans countries, boundaries, organizations, and local communities. The origins of this sinister scheme may be traced back to the depths of the earth, where humanity refused to recognize the reality… As a result, they were able to construct a full large underground

They understood that with their chemtrail/mysteryneedle/5G combo, the people would never be able to recover.

Now, not everyone engaging in their covid plot to eliminate 90% of the population is doing so knowingly… Perhaps they have the best of intentions… As a result, we invite these individuals to remember that truth is love, and love is truth, with no distinction. Basically, you can’t be loving and avoid the truth at the same time. Covid, on the other hand, wasn’t put together by brainwashing a few random players; it was a well-coordinated MASTER PLAN to take over the globe. THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY LIES: THOUGH THEY SAY IT EXISTS, THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVE IT. FROM THE BEGINNING, THE PCR TEST WAS A FRAUD.

So, even though we’ve been duped, toyed with, and bankrupted, let us go ahead with our days with our heads held high… Despite the fact that we have lost relatives, friends, homes, and even our self-worth… Let us walk together, holding each other’s hands… We’re almost done with this chapter of our existence, and with our hearts connected together, we won’t look back with sadness or anguish, but rather with delight, since now is the moment to choose to awaken, which requires adjusting our eyes to fresh light. It entails transforming negativity and transforming ourselves into a loving, true version of ourselves. Take it easy on yourself… On this one, the entire world was duped in one way or another.



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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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