COVID Vaccine Injuries Exposed By Minnesota Nurses

And listen – these cases WERE NOT reporter to VAERS!

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Several professionals in the field of medicine have spoken out about adverse reactions to being immunized against the deadly disease. This happened on August, 28, and on the same occasion, there were also complaints on their colleagues, that “missed” reporting side-effects to the national vaccine safety surveillance program (VAERS).

One nurse from Minnesota revealed at a Town Hall meeting that she and her colleagues have treated more patients for Chinese Communist Party Virus (COVID-19) vaccine reactions than those with the disease itself.

“We are seeing more reactions with their patients post-vaccination than they are seeing COVID patients,” she can be heard saying in a video shared on YouTube.

A different emergency room (ER) worker claimed she witnessed multiple life-threatening reactions.

“I am an ER nurse and I see all the strokes, the heart attacks,” she can be heard saying in the video. “It is blatantly obvious what they [the vaccines] are causing, blatantly obvious.”

She blames COVID-19 shots for endangering lives, and is disappointed with hospital management’s inability to take adverse reactions seriously.

“We are laughed at for bringing it [the side effects] up,” she said. “There is such an insane sense of bullying going on that people are not even wanting to speak up.”

Several other nurses in attendance agreed with these observations. This included some who had worked in primary healthcare for more than 20 years.

You can watch the full revealing video here:


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