WATCH: “Covid Surging Again After Mass Vaccination Program,” Says Senator Ron Johnson

There are many issues and misunderstandings around the vaccine.

Joe Biden did an awful job of “selling” it to the American people.

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But it’s possible that it’s not entirely his fault — it’s difficult to convince people when they see so many vaccinated individuals get sick, hospitalized, and even die.

And, yes, I realize it’s a “small percentage” in contrast to the number of people who have been vaccinated, but it’s still concerning to observe, and anyone who claims otherwise is contributing to the far larger “trust” problem that exists between so-called “experts” and the general population right now.

Senator Ron Johnson is concerned, and after looking at the numbers, he has come to the conclusion that there is a problem.

Senator Johnson made the following point:

‘When we look at this chart as the epidemic is winding down and the percent of completely vaccinated individuals is increasing, we could think we’re seeing a complete pandemic winding down. That, however, is not what we’ve witnessed. We’ve noticed a new uptick.”

The following is a link to a video:

I believe that if people were permitted to openly discuss the vaccine from the beginning, they would be more willing to obtain it.

Joe Biden, in my opinion, is the worst “vaccine salesperson” of all time.

He appears to be emotionally and physically ill, which makes him the wrong person to be hawking “health and wellness.”

He’s also propagated more disinformation and consternation than anybody else. Dr. Fauci is the only individual who has spread more than he has.

Instead of acknowledging, “Hey, sorry, we got it wrong…”, they simply shrug off their blunders and misunderstanding and move on to the next so-called “scientific” topic.

We desperately need a far better and more extensive national discussion on this illness and everything that comes with it, or the public’s remaining trust in “experts” will be lost forever.

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