COVID Law ‘Enabled’ California Paramedic To Assist A Man Dying!

A 56-year-old man died last month after California paramedics allegedly refused to enter a care facility to assist him when he was not breathing.

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The incident took place in California, on November 11 in Rialto.

“A 911 call from the Rialto Post Acute Care Center sent first responders there at about 7:50 p.m. When police officer Ralph Ballew arrived, two Rialto Fire responders were at the door of the facility,” KTTV reported.

“In the video, the officer speaks to the care home personnel, who explain that the man is in cardiac arrest. The officer tells them the paramedics are refusing to come in. “They’re not going to come in. They’re saying that it’s a state law that they can’t come in,” Bellew tells them.

The video shows personnel working on a patient, appearing to administer CPR, while telling the officer the bed has no wheels.

The video shows Bellew and the nursing staff pushing the bed to the doorway and down the hall.

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