COVID is Just an Excuse for Governments to Require Constant Surveillance of Your Blood, Bodily Liquids, and Meditation Compliance

(Source: Natural News) The world we know is swiftly evolving into a totalitarian medical police state, with governments claiming the ability to track your location and compliance with their mandated medical interventions.

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The government of South Australia is currently experimenting with a bizarre, Orwellian system that would require citizens to carry government-mandated apps on their phones and respond to government requests for face photos and proof of location within 15 minutes of being “pinged” by the government, as InfoWars reported yesterday.

In other words, you’d be a prisoner in your own nation, subjected to constant government surveillance and forced to take images of your face.

Pfizer is now promoting an ivermectin clone medicine that is expected to cost a hundred times as much as ivermectin and is intended to be taken daily in addition to required immunizations. Not only is ivermectin being demonized by the media and the White House in order to make way for this ivermectin replacement drug (which will bring Pfizer tens of billions of dollars in new revenue), but you’ll have to prove you’re taking it every day or your “vaccine passport” status will be revoked.

Have you gotten it yet? It began with “two weeks to flatten the curve,” then “take these two shots to obtain your freedom.” But now it’s THREE shots (remember the booster?) with a four-shot limit.

Soon, you’ll be urinating on your iPhone, which will be equipped with a sensor that detects drug compliance in your urine.

(I don’t know about you, but I think we’d all be better off just scribbling on our iPhones and calling it a day.)

The ultimate goal is for the medical police state regime that is murdering you to have constant government surveillance of your location, vaccine compliance, medicine compliance, speech compliance, thinking compliance, and total adoration and obedience.

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That was the main idea of the bogus company’s Theranos analysis equipment, which was supposed to analyze your blood on a daily basis before uploading your blood biomarkers and gene sequencing blueprint to deep state servers. Theranos’ technology was actually a blood monitoring and surveillance system masquerading as a medical analysis device.

Remember that everyone who is now complying with immunizations, mask mandates, and social segregation will cheerfully submit to government monitoring of their medication compliance and locations. They nearly revere compliance, and they can’t wait to be forced to submit to tyranny on a regular basis.

If you want to survive all of this, you’ll need to avoid government surveillance systems, avoid dangerous vaccines, say no to poisonous pharmaceuticals, and use diet and detoxification to protect your privacy and natural immune system.

We are now living in the midst of a well-coordinated attempt at global mass murder. It is possible to survive, but perhaps a billion or more people will perish. Make sure you’re one of the lucky ones who survives, since after all of this, we’ll have to reconstruct civilization.

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