COVID Is Crime Against Humanity! We Have A SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE!

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is a trial lawyer famous for suing huge companies like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. He created a group consisting of experts in various fields to bring justice to governments, health authorities, labs, doctors, and all those involved in creating the measures against the pandemic, including masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and vaccination.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s approach!

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He was focused on destroying small and medium-sized businesses that suffered from the encirclement. The lawyer shared that it’s part of a global agenda to destroy small businesses and Amazon to take over.
In the pandemic, the profits of Amazon skyrocketed, but the rest of the small businesses experienced massive losses/bankruptcy.

In a Breitbart interview, he explained that pursuing the claims individually is not possible because the courts answer the interests of the corporations who dictate the rules.

By raising the material damages, numerous people experienced a huge loss from the lock-ins because of defective products.

“Part of the agenda is the destruction of the middle class because all these small businesses will supposedly be taken over by big corporations like Amazon,” Fuellmich said. “While everyone is looking in the direction of the corona, no one sees what’s really happening, or they see it, but they don’t understand why it’s happening.”

Fullmich shared that worldwide government based the decisions to lock people up and force them to walk covered.

Now, we have a problem that the PCR tests by a German Drosten were created a few days after the virus was revealed in Wuhan, China, so they weren’t designed to diagnose a disease.
The BL reported:” As soon as Drosten announced that he had a rapid test to detect the virus on Jan. 23, 2020, the WHO recommended its use, and it was used as the gold standard for determining whether a person is infected or not.”

“For the lawyer, the fact that all anti-pandemic measures have been based on a ‘defective product’ such as PCR is really a deception.” The report added. “According to Fuellmich, the PCR tests currently in use with amplification of between 40 and 45 cycles at the suggestion of Drosten, who apparently is not even a doctor, when the acceptable standard is 24, give a 97% false-positive rate.”

Vaccines for population control

The lockdowns from the pandemic strive to vaccinate people with the promise of returning to normalcy. So, the vaccines are only one part of the plan for reducing the population. It’s not a conspiracy theory because everything is online. But the media will never report this!

Bill Gates is an owner of global firm GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, in researching and developing vaccines.
Fuellmich explained the example of India and Africa. Gavi deployed the vaccines in those countries and found out that what they sent weren’t vaccines but sterilizers.

The lawyer shared that immunity doesn’t exist when vaccine manufacturers know it harms the people. Everyone knows that these are experimental vaccines, a “gene therapy.”

“Informed consent means that a medical intervention is only legal if the patient consents and the patient’s consent is only valid if he or she is fully informed before the medical intervention takes place,” Fuellmich explains.
If the vaccines haven’t passed the critical trials, we cannot know the adverse effects and how dangerous they are.

“To clean this up, we will need an international trial against all the perpetrators,” the lawyer said.

Fuellmich shared that what VAERS reports is only one to prevent the reality regarding the negative side effects.
In three cases, the governments received lawsuits, and the judges ruled in their favor in Vienna, Lisbon, and Germany.

The German judge listened to the experts on his side, shared a straight opinion, and had his house, car; computer ransacked, so he knows that this fight will be difficult.

“I never thought I would say something like this because I am a lawyer, but this is really a fight of good against evil,” said in conclusion. But “I have no choice; I have a task to fulfill. And it is meant to happen this way.”

The BL The Guardian

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