Covid Eradicated Population Of 241 Million! 16% Vaccinated! The MSM –SILENT!

This is the biggest medical miracle, and no one knows about that.

The C-19 cult has spread the C-19 fear and hysteria for more than a year. You would think that if there were a massive success against the C-19 virus, it would draw some attention.

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In Uttar Pradesh, a medical miracle has happened.

The massive success has only a little coverage.


Well, we leave that on you to decide.

Take a look at the video below:


Here’s the transcription.

“And then that what I call the miracle of Uttar Pradesh, which is, which is the world’s quietest miracle in history. I think this is a public health achievement that should go down in history and maybe someday will when we write the history books correctly, but they literally had an aggressive Public Health Initiative which wasn’t just Ivermectin because they used a 70,000 plus health care workers, all taking Ivermectin prophylactically traveled throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh. Two hundred forty-one million people, 97,000 villages. Everybody tested positive was treated with Ivermectin, the household members were given Ivermectin to prevent spread, and all of the health care workers on Ivermectin. And by doing that, over the many months after that surge in May, they found that in September, they started to report they’d effectively eradicated disease. That in their last two 2.5 million tests, they had 201 positive. Which has a positivity rate of 0.004, which is effectively zero. They had 67 out of 75 districts without an active case. That’s while doing two and a half million tests. That would be like me standing up today saying that in 40 out of 50 states in the United States, we don’t have one active case. That is how remarkable that achievement is. Guess where, how this was covered? Again, choice A: Fauci came on, did a big interview with New York Times, and applauded the incredible efforts and successes of the Uttar Pradesh health ministry. That didn’t happen. Okay. Thought that was, maybe that was a dream. Sorry. I got a little confused there. Yeah, none of that happened. It wasn’t even covered. Right. And here’s the absurdity, it was actually covered by two major newspapers in India. One was the Hindustan Times. The other one was India Today. Long article talking about what they achieved. What word did not appear in either article? Ivermectin, so it’s not a joke. I mean, this is like, I have to have to watch this stuff every day.” – Dr. Pierre Kory

The mainstream media didn’t cover this story because they are highly corrupted.

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