COVID Deceptions – An Informational Talk – Gemma Doherty With Dr. Carrie Madej

Do you want to hear more about the advanced technologies that brought up this “New World Order” virus to us all???

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According to the report published by Natural News,

“Brad Hazzard, the “Minister for Health and Medical Research” in New Wales, Australia, has announced that the latest “wave” of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns marks the beginning of the “new world order.”

Disturbing footage – see below – shows Hazzard casually announcing the arrival of the new world order, urging everyone to “accept” it because it is “just the way it is.”

“This is a world pandemic,” Hazzard further stated about the arrival of the new age. “It’s a one in 100-year event. So, you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is the new world order.”

The new world order has been a subject of casual conversation among globalist politicians for years. Joe Biden, back when he was vice president under Barack Obama, openly talked about it, as did the late George H.W. Bush.”

Further down,

“In Australia, the new world order is taking shape as outdoor gatherings being restricted to no more than two people. All outdoor exercise must also take place within six miles of one’s home.

Australians are also prohibited from browsing in stores, and only one person from each household is now allowed to shop for what the government considers to be “essential” items.

As for funerals, only 10 Australians at a time are allowed to attend one. Any more than that might increase the “spread” of one of the Fauci Flu “variants,” which contrary to what the government is saying are actually being spread by the “vaccines.”

Keep in mind that Australia has had only one – yes, one – a death so far in 2021 that has been blamed on “covid.” Because of this, the entire country is now being plunged into an even worse tyranny than what was imposed last fall.”

“In other words, one person dies, the government blames it on Chinese Germs, and now 25 million people are being told that they must remain locked down and imprisoned inside their homes forever as part of the new world order.

It is highly likely that American politicians will soon attempt the same thing here in the United States, using the same nonsensical fearmongering about scary “variants” as an excuse to torture the nation with anti-social restrictions and stay-at-home mandates.”


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