COVID Bill Are ‘Embarrassing’ – And This Statement Is Going On AIR

Doublespeak isn’t just a normal occurrence in Washington, D.C.; it’s the rule. Even by that low linguistic level, however, the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill must be a record.

Yes, Vice President Joe Biden wants to “make a huge splash.” That’s something we’ve learned a lot. The issue is that he’s “going high” on topics that have nothing to do with COVID, and his party wants to push it by budget reconciliation, bypassing the filibuster.

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It’s gotten to the point where even CNN is getting Democrats to agree that “embarrassing” certain aspects of the bill are. CNN, indeed.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat of New York, a Democrat, appeared on the network on Thursday to address the relief bill, which has been criticized as a wish list of Democratic policy priorities. “Espaillat felt it was a “gotcha” tactic to point out the wording of the bill.

If you’ve been skimming the first few paragraphs of this article, just so you know: A Democrat lobbying for a liberal goodies-filled spending bill had to revert to claiming that CNN was trying to “gotcha” him.

Enable the set of facts to sink in for a moment. If you did not grasp the insulting largesse found in the Biden administration’s $1.9 trillion bill intends to drive through Congress before, let this be your wake-up call.

The interview itself began in a CNN-like way. According to a CNN transcript of the discussion, Espaillat was asked by anchor Poppy Harlow whether he would vote against the bill if it did not contain a $15 minimum wage.
Espaillat promoted it in normal terms. This was well-spent money that went into the pockets of hard-working Americans like you and me, who were going to put food on the table with it.

“They’re not going on a Caribbean vacation,” says the narrator. They’re just going to a nearby grocery store to get some emergency supplies.”

If the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill’s spending is justified, Harlow’s next issue should have been a softball among softballs: She cited the stingy Republicans who felt the price was just too high.

“I have to ask you about some other aspects of this bill because people like Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson are saying it needs to be narrowed,” Harlow said. “In there, he speaks about aid for arts projects, peace programs, among other things.”

“But then there’s something in your state, right here in New York. For the international bridge between New York and Canada, there is $1.5 million in support. She went on to say, “A bridge. ”If you think those are fair, you might say, “Of course he’s at ease!” Infrastructure is needed! The real danger is that you don’t invest enough. Were we not listening to the president at his town hall meeting?


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