COVID-19 Vaccines Could Be Forced on US Troops in September, According to a Leaked Document

If the complete FDA permission for the vaccines is granted, the Biden Administration is apparently planning to force COVID-19 injections on our Armed Forces as soon as September.

This information was uncovered by the Army Times, which discovered an order from the Army to its commands to prepare to give obligatory immunizations once complete FDA approval is achieved.

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The Army Times received an update on HQDA EXORD 225-21, COVID-19 Steady State Operations, which stated, “Commanders will continue COVID-19 vaccination operations and prepare for a directive mandating COVID-19 vaccination for service members [on or around] 01 September 2021, pending full FDA licensure.”

Once the vaccine is mandated, commands will be prepared to offer a backbrief on service member immunization progress and a timeline for completion.”

Of course, the Biden campaign is denying everything. Last week, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby indicated that the Defense Department was simply conducting “preliminary discussions” about what would happen in the future regarding possible obligatory vaccines, according to military.com.

Major Jackie Wren, the Army’s spokesperson, says she won’t comment on any of the documents that have been leaked.

Our Armed Forces are already required to receive over 15 vaccines, including those for mumps, measles, smallpox, influenza, and hepatitis.

The COVID-19 vaccinations are now all under emergency use authorizations, but the military appears to be ready to require them as soon as the complete authorization is granted.

Melquiades, a Twitter user and naval officer, has started a discussion about the new mandate. According to his Twitter account, he asked two command chaplains for a religious exemption and was warned that it was unlikely to be granted. He went on to argue that there are only two options for him: vaccination or coercive dismissal.

When servicemen and women refused to take the mandated anthrax vaccine, they were dishonorably discharged, court-martialed, and even imprisoned.

And why is the Biden administration behaving as though there is an emergency that necessitates a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the Armed Forces? Is it because COVID-19 is causing our troops to fall down every day? No. Only 26 people have died out of the 202K active duty service men who have received COVID-19.

That’s a really good chance of surviving. There isn’t much of a threat here. However, the Biden administration seems unconcerned about science. They are concerned with maintaining control over everyone.

U.S. military members have already contacted Republican Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie, stating that if compelled to take the vaccines, they will resign. But the Biden administration’s other purpose is to select out military personnel who genuinely believe in the values they fight to safeguard. And this mandate will accomplish that objective admirably.


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