Covid-19 is Found in 40% of Illegal Immigrants Deported to Texas City

This is the America of Joe Biden.

Covid-19 has been found in 40% of illegal immigrants being bused to Laredo, Texas.

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According to the Washington Examiner:

According to two local government officials, the city of Laredo, Texas, has refused to accept migrants bused in from other parts of the border after 40 percent of them tested positive for the coronavirus.

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In an interview, Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz stated the infection rate among individuals dropped off by the Border Patrol last week was “quite high.” Dr. Victor Trevino of the Laredo Health Department validated the figures.

Concerned that migrant arrivals in Laredo would put further demand on medical facilities, city officials hired private bus firms to transfer migrants from the Rio Grande Valley to larger towns across Texas. By refusing to allow migrants to board McAllen buses, the city avoids having to test them for the coronavirus and instead sends the families elsewhere. Those who test positive are prohibited from traveling and must be quarantined for ten days, a condition Saenz hoped to avoid in order to prevent migrant overcrowding.

Last Monday, it was reported that Covid had infected 15% of illegal aliens released from ICE custody in McAllen, Texas.

Last Monday, it was reported that Covid had infected 15% of illegal aliens released from ICE custody in McAllen, Texas.

According to the city of McAllen, the federal government is releasing “an alarming amount of immigrants into McAllen, and the authorities aren’t checking them for COVID.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is blaming unvaccinated Americans for the rise in Covid cases.

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