Country Music Star Shreds Bruce Springsteen and Releases New Song About Democrats Destroying America

There’s no denying it: everything is written on the wall… The left despises America and everything it represents.

They demonstrate it every day with flag burnings, attacks on our culture, history, and traditions, and their efforts to split the country along racial, gender, and religious lines.

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It’s aggravating, annoying, and upsetting to witness.

And now we have a country music musician who has channeled all of our emotions into a new song about how the Democrats are destroying the country…

He also rips Bruce Springsteen, the anti-American knucklehead.

According to Bizpacreview, country artist Aaron Lewis released a new song just in time for the Fourth of July, and fans have made it apparent that he is far from alone in his dissatisfaction with the country’s current status.

Lewis’ song is an anthem “dedicated to all the patriots” who are sick of seeing radical leftwing politicians and rioters posing as activists destroy the country’s foundational beliefs.

“Am I the only one here tonight/ Shakin’ my head, thinking something ain’t right/ Is it just me?” Is it possible that I’m becoming insane? / Am I on the verge of the end of the world?” Lewis’ song starts with a question.

“Am I the only one willing to bleed?” says the narrator.

Take a bullet if you want to be free/ Screaming at my TV, “What the f*ck!” Are you telling me that you’re telling me that you’re telling me that you’re telling me that you’re telling me that you’re telling me that you’ / I’m the only one who’s willing to fight/ Because I’m a sucker for red and white/ And there’s a blaze of blue on the ground/ Another statue is about to fall.

See this:

The reception to this incredible song has been very positive.

There are many of us patriots that feel the same way Aaron does, and this song does a lot to unite us and inspire us to keep fighting for this great country.


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