Corrupt DC Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Brings History To The Table

“In 1776, the people who went on to form a democracy didn’t do that at the urging of a single head of State.”

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The corrupt DC-Obma judge was assigned to oversee the Paul Manafort case in DC and the Roger Stone case as well.

“Manafort was charged with not filling out a government form and making a minor mistake on his taxes. For this, he received time in solitary and prison, something the average American would never face. He was eventually pardoned by President Trump and removed from the overzealous punishment from Judge Jackson.”

Next, she was assigned to the Roger Stone case.

“The Stone legal team requested information regarding their case after dirty cop Mueller completed his Russia collusion reports. Some items related to Stone were redacted. They may have been redacted to keep them from Stone. When Stone’s team requested access to the unredacted text from Mueller’s report regarding Stone, Jackson refused to give it to Stone. Instead, she said she would look over the unredacted report and share any pertinent information related to Stone with his legal team.”

With time, she basically told Stone’s team that there was nothing there.

“As Americans express their right to vote in the general election, the Department of Justice has released unredacted sections of the Mueller report, which show that the Department of Justice did not pursue a prosecution because there was lack of evidence.

During the investigation, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and Roger Stone were investigated, but the Special Counsel is reported to have found no evidence for Stone and Assange to be prosecuted after the Democratic National Committee servers were hacked ahead of the 2016 presidential election,” The Floridian reported.

In response to the release, which happened at midnight, Roger Stone released a statement, commenting that “the midnight release by the Department of Justice of the unredacted sections of the Mueller report tonight not only vindicates me and proves what I have been saying since the very beginning of this investigation, that I did not engage in any illegal activity around the emails hacked from the DNC and that I in no way knew the source, content or timing of their release.”

Moreover, Stone expressed that “no matter how hard the illegally constituted Mueller team tried, they could not make the case they tried to pin on me from the start,” adding that “these newly unredacted sections are full of euphemisms for the ultimate conclusion that evidence simply did not exist of my involvement.”

Ultimately, Stone argued that “the timing of the release of these redacted sections of the Mueller Report – midnight on the day of the Presidential election – only underlines the entirely corrupt and political nature of this entire witch hunt.”

And yesterday, she insinuated in court that the only reason another Jan 6 protester was protesting was that that person wanted a single head of state.

Another Trump-hating action in a row!

“This isn’t a good analogy,” Jackson said. “… In 1776, the people who went on to form a democracy didn’t do that at the urging of a single head of state. …”

“The point of 1776 was to let the people to decide who would rule them,” Jackson continued, contrasting it with January 6, where “the point was to substitute the will of the people with the will of the mob… It was not under the banner of 1776.”

“You were a participant, albeit a minor one, in an effort to subvert and overturn the democratic process,” Jackson said. “That day didn’t just cost you a lot, it cost our country a lot.”

Any remarks?

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