Coronavirus Deaths Ratio Vaccinated To Unvaccinated Is 4:1!!! Corporate Media Must Be CENSORED Due To Spreading FAKE NEWS

The BBC hides the fact that there are four vaccinated deaths for every unvaccinated death. For months we have been telling you that the vaccines won’t save your life; in fact, they are destroying your immune system and will bring nothing good. There are vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Contrary to corporate media reporting, the C-19 shots aren’t safe.

UKHSA statistics are very clear. People are overwhelmed by statistics and numbers. There is enough data if we read the words in the UKHSA’s VSR. Everything is hidden in plain sight, and that the BBC doesn’t want to share that and classify it as conspiracy theories.

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Before the coronavirus vaccine rollout, three statistic corporate media constantly spoke about infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Since the coronavirus vaccine campaign began reporting these numbers, they have become a minefield for them.


  • UKHSA admits “asymptomatic cases” are not a concern for spreading Covid
  • UKHSA does not use cases, positive PCR tests, to determine disease.
  • UKHSA uses non-peer reviewed studies and a study prepared by their own public health officials to estimate a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90% protection against mortality.
  • Real-world data shows a waning of protection until it flips and the opposite occurs – “vaccinated” people are at higher risk of hospitalisation and death.  “Vaccinated” people appear to be developing a vaccine-induced immunodeficiency disorder, a condition similar to AIDS.

Vaccine effectiveness.

The VSR for week 45 stated, “Large clinical trials have been undertaken for each of the Covid-19 vaccines approved in the UK which found that they are highly efficacious at preventing symptomatic disease in the populations that were studied … Vaccine effectiveness is estimated by comparing rates of disease in vaccinated individuals to rates in unvaccinated individuals.”

On pages 5 to 8, they described the vaccine effectiveness as a measure that used symptomatic disease, hospitalizations, mortality, and transmission.

UKHSA confessed asymptomatic cases aren’t a cause for concern in controlling the spread of the virus.

Doctors highlighted that it is obvious from the beginning. The BBC calls these people conspiracy theories. The Trusted News Initiative will hunt UKHSA down, and Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn will fact-check everything.

Vaccine effectiveness and cases.

We want to ignore the number of cases and rates as we know the use of the PCR test to detect the virus isn’t OK; it’s fraudulent.

The BBC thinks that the case numbers are essential.

On page 23 from the UKHSA report states, “Comparing case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against Covid-19 infection. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from several different sources and is summarised on pages 5 to 8 in this report.” And on page 8, UKHSA states: “uninfected individuals cannot transmit” the virus.

The vaccine effectiveness is based on symptomatic diseases, hospitalizations, and death. It follows that the UKHSA recommends ignoring case rates as presumable cases; positive PCR tests aren’t a reliable indicator to establish infection and disease.

From March 2020, corporate media attacked the people with numbers, which are asymptomatic cases. They are the key to controlling the pandemic and protecting lives. For more than a year, we have been preoccupied with numbers, and case rates with the threat of imminent death were used as a key measure to justify ruining lives and livelihoods by way of business shut-downs, bringing society to a standstill, and imposing restrictions on our rights and freedoms.

The number of cases and projected number of cases determined whether our livelihoods were ruined, children missed education, hospital and medical appointments for all different illnesses and conditions were virtually stopped. The falling or the rising number of cases determined how “hard” the proposed “lockdown” would be.

If this obvious contradiction of how “cases” are being used to manipulate your behavior does not anger you, then you have either lost the ability to think for yourself, or you have lost your humanity.

Several studies shared prove that UKHSA used to tell the population that the vaccines aren’t effective. One is about the single dose of coronavirus shot, and the other one is to estimate real-world effectiveness, and two are preprints.

On page 7, UKHSA said, “high levels of protection (over 90%) are also seen against mortality” and references three studies. Two are preprints yet to be peer-reviewed, and the third – a study to estimate real-world effectiveness – is the same study as cited for “effectiveness against hospitalization.”

On pages 20 and 21, we have tables of coronavirus deaths among vaccinated to the unvaccinated ratio of 4.8: 1.

On page 21, a footnote made an excuse for the high vaccinated mortality even though the vaccine was supposed to be highly effective. “Even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated, and no vaccine is 100% effective.”

The UK launched its coronavirus campaign on December 8, 2020. The UK government stated that death within 28 days of the positive test by date of death were 63,830 coronavirus deaths before the vaccine. However, since then until November 10, 2021, there were 78,922 coronavirus deaths.

If the vaccines were 90% effective, then the numbers would have been lower, not higher.

‘’Anyone who propagates the mantra “the vaccine is safe and effective” is not being truthful. Anyone who encourages, coerces, or forces an experimental medical procedure onto another is committing or aiding and abetting “wounding with intent.”

Corporate media is spreading misinformation and disinformation – turn off the TV, neuro-linguistic programming is being used against you.’’ The daily expose concluded.

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