Cops Being Prosecuted for Doing Their Jobs? Is This The Case?

We’re at it again. Tacoma Police officers have been charged with murder and manslaughter by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for what appears to be doing their jobs. The use of force by cops does not look good. What’s more, guess what? It will never happen. That, however, is no longer relevant. It is always and every time the officer’s culpability if something goes wrong, no matter what the criminal does.

People frequently only see snatches of police events broadcast by the media on endless video loops of the most incriminating evidence available. As a result, people make judgements about a whole episode based on those fragments of data.

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A section of the action involving police officers attempting to arrest a suspect is captured on film in this case.

During the video, Ellis appears aggressive, but the woman who is filming the incident is outraged that the policemen are striking and attempting to subdue Ellis. “Stop!” she exclaims. Why don’t you just take him into custody?”

Why hadn’t those officers thought of that? They did, after all. That’s exactly what they were attempting. Instead of rolling by slowly videotaping, she should have taken a moment to shout whatever magic words she must know to get Ellis to stop fighting to the cops. Ellis is repeatedly told to place his hand behind his back by one officer, who appears weary.

Ellis started this incident, and it went on for a long time before that spectator started recording.

I dare any critic to conduct such an arrest without resorting to serious and required force to overcome the opposition. Cops are all ears if you have that magical incantation. Ellis appears to have started the fight with the cops despite a self-inflicted deficit of extreme drug intoxication, which may have induced a condition of agitated delirium.

According to Abby Miller of the News Tribune, the Tacoma police union released a press release labeling Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s charges against three Tacoma police officers a “witch hunt.” He is correct. In the United States, there is unlikely to be a more socialist, self-serving AG. Ferguson, in fact, spent much of Donald Trump’s presidency suing him for everything.


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