‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right! [MUST-WATCH]

Conspiracy theorists were right all along!

Since the vaccine rollout, people started suffering from serious illnesses and deadly side effects. Even skeptics started to learn the truth the hard way!

Because of this, thousands of Americans realized that the ‘’conspiracy theorists’’ were right all along.

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According to the leftists, conspiracy theories represent a global phenomenon that affects every field of human activity. The belief that complex historical and political events, with a lack of a clear explanation by the competent authorities, represent the result of secret conspiracies controlled by a small cabal of powerful people with evil intents. It has become a mainstream phenomenon in society.

These theories give meaning to distressing events, disclose the ultimate causes, and link the dots with what a person may see as anomalous, suspicious, and unexplained.

In most cases, conspiracy theories are harmless and regarded as democratic discussion, but there are cases where the theories might be linked with radical behavior, racist views, authoritarian attitudes, etc.

One study said that among the most severe consequence is ‘’ is the fact that conspiracy theories may enhance the appeal of extremist narratives (e.g. providing seductive “black and white” explanations of polarising events), erode the trust between people and governments (e.g., promoting the idea that governments are controlled by shadow elites), spread hate speech (e.g. identifying a definitive group or person as being culpable), demolish the respect for evidence (e.g. attacking experts and their knowledge without having the necessary competence to perform verifications), mobilize violence (e.g. identifying targets), and even cause death (e.g. inducing people to refuse vaccine protection through the anti-vaxxer propaganda).’’

C-19 as a catalyst

The pandemic outbreak was the catalyst for conspiracy theories. The virus is invisible; corresponding beliefs flourished, as in every critical period.

Now, we want to say something.

The leftists’ view on these ‘’conspiracy theories’’ is wrong. The people they depicted as conspiracy theorists were telling the truth! People realized this!

Watch the video below, and hear the truth! Not the reality that the Democrats try to paint for you.

Banned Video EC Europa

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