Conservative Podcaster: There’s Something Extremely Fishy About Joe’s Back-to-Back Payments

Joe Biden just announced another round of payments to Zelensky.

A war is a way many people can financially prosper on the back of the suffering of others…

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We have already written and published many reports on the Zelenskyy – Biden connection.

And the more sudden the payments get – do you realize that it’s if Zelenskyy is an American politician on a payroll? On the backs of us and our tax money???

It’s all sounding a bit fishy, isn’t it?

Here’s Joe’s latest pledge to his BFF Zelensky:


Our borders were left unattained. Noone sent cash to our account in the times of the greatest struggle on the border.

What’s even worse – neither did our own politicians feel occupied with the matter.

But this conflict is crowned with the ‘epiphany of war’ – and Americans have to act all hero and stuff.

Here’s a comment made in a Twitter post by a conservative podcaster.

But think about the deeper meaning. Or rather to say – the deeper pocket?!

Here are more comments on the matter:

“This is exactly what it is and they will keep paying. Washington owes them thru all their money laundering .both parties.Corrupt is corrupt”

“It’s not impossible! Anything is possible with the big guy in the White House “

“Payments that will be laundered for those that sent them.”

“At the same time we have Democrats saying they have raised more money than ever before.. hmmm connected, I think so…”

“Hundreds of millions of dollars almost weekly.. And with the great Ukrainian actor almost demanding 7 Billion a month, how long we talking? Months? Years? Pretty sure it’s bribes and hush money for photo ops in stairways..”

“Follow the money! It is being laundered and returned to the Biden family.”

“Most of the “payments” are in the form of military weapons and machinery. Defense contract kickbacks for American politicians.”

“Wouldn’t surprise Americans. Our government is so corrupt that Zelenskyy has to have a lot on Biden, democrats in congress and republicans RINOS. Our congress for some reason sure aren’t opening their eyes. They all need replaced who want to keep paying off Zelenskyy.”

“Ukraine, along with China and Russia have copies of the Laptop from Hell! Our POTUS is compromised and putting the American people in peril! Impeach him.”

“where is the money “actually” going? Who is keeping track of these payments?”

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