Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo Has a Damning Picture and a Serious Question for All Biden Voters

He has obviously chosen a hard, merely an “impossible topic” to argue about.

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Conservative actor Kevin Sorbo really picked the right subject to argue on!

Since after the Liberals and Biden took over the Oval Office, the gas prices went increasing up.

A local newspaper stated the following:

“Despite the fact that these skyrocketing prices are coinciding with his destruction of America’s oil independence, the left is still completely convinced that Biden has nothing to do with it. Sorry, but cutting off our oil independence has an impact. Not saying it’s the ONLY reason, but it has an impact, and to suggest otherwise, is partisan propaganda.”

And since they are blaming President Trump on literally everything that’s been going wrong, what would they have to say about this.

It’s absolutely their own (The Democrats)  personal fault!

And here are the “claims” that USA Today has written in their piece on this subject:

” Diesel prices jumped from $1.69 to $3.19 since Biden took office, and the president is to blame
A new party in the White House means it’s time for an American tradition — the blame game. Anything wrong in the world is now the fault of the 2-month old administration. Or the fault of the prior administration, depending on your political persuasion. With gas prices on the move, this exercise is in full effect on social media. That includes a widely shared March 10 Facebook post.”


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