Company Producing Digital Vaccine Passports Owned By Nazi Minister’s Grandkids!

Yet another “conspiracy theory” on the political horizon…

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The IT company that is producing the digital vaccine passports for the UK is actually owned by the grandchildren of one of the biggest Nazi Propaganda Ministers! firm producing UK digital vaccine passport is owned by Nazi Propaganda Ministers step-grandchildren.

According to the BL,

“Entrust, a U.S.-based IT corporation owned by Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ step-grandchildren, is expected to earn about £840,000 from the UK Government to help manufacture digital COVID-19 certificates via the National Health Service (NHS) app, according to documents released on Wednesday, July 28.

The contract is expected to be extended until mid-2023, with pricing for a two-year deal already formally established though it is scheduled to end in July of next year.

In a separate Government deal earlier this year, Entrust received £250,000 for its UK vaccine passport program project.

Entrust Inc. was repurchased for $500 million in cash in 2013 by Data Card Corp, which is 97% owned by the children of Harald Quandt, who was the stepson of Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

Harald was a biological child of the “German Industrialist” Günther Quandt and his second wife Magda Ritschel. Ritschel later divorced Günther in 1929 and remarried to Goebbels who served as Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister.

BMW automobiles and Altana (chemicals), a spin-off of the VARTA manufacturing company Günther Quandt owned just after World War I was among his legacies.

Günther and several family members provided clothes for German soldiers during World War I, and this is where a large portion of his start-up funding came from.

He later bought Accumulatorenfabrik (AFA) AG, a battery factory that later became VARTA, a potash mining company, many metal-working enterprises, and significant holdings in BMW and Daimler-Benz.

In 1933, shortly after Hitler’s ascension to power, Günther became a member of the Nazi Party.

Hitler bestowed the title of Wehrwirtschaftsführer on him in 1937. Günther was called a “Leader in the Defense Economy” as a result of this.

Günther’s enterprises produced ammunition, rifles, artillery, and batteries in at least three factories using forced labor obtained from concentration camps when the war broke out.

Herbert Quandt, Günther’s older son, helped him with many of his World War II projects, including the massive use of slaves.

Herbert and Harald inherited about 200 companies when Günther died in 1954.

In August of 1987, the Quandt family acquired 43% of Data Card Corporation. They bought almost the entire leftover portion of the company a month later, giving them a 97% stake in Data Card Corporation.

MPs and civil rights activists criticized the company’s digital COVID-19 certificate deal after Entrust boasted of being able to “redeploy” vaccine passports into a national ID scheme.”

In January, the business held a webinar explaining how vaccination passports would allow governments to “collect valuable data” on residents.

“You’ll understand why it’s not just for travel, you can take it and repurpose it to do such things as national IDs and permits,” said senior product manager John Bejjani.

“Deploying something like a mobile travel credential also enables governments to collect valuable data.” Bejjani added, “It also doesn’t hurt that this information can be used to identify criminals and other bad actors as they move around the same system trying to hide anonymously in the crowds.”

According to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Vaccine passports are a way of “coaxing and cajoling” youngsters to get inoculated.

“I was bringing it up to demonstrate that what you can actually do in some areas if you’re careful, is encourage take-up of vaccination,” the secretary said.”

Isn’t this huge? It is not just symbolical – it is an actual continuance of grandpa’s deed!


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