Commentary: Dr. Fauci Is Not Your Friend!!!

People show their anger on social media these days because of the increasing skepticism and anger about the coronavirus outbreak. The whole suspicion and anger did Dr. Anthony Fauci, and he can’t stop scaring the people!!

That fear he imposes on people makes them angry!!!!

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Dr. Fauci’s latest statements increased the anger in people! He declared that even though we are vaccinated, we still need to wear masks. We still need to keep social distance! Why??

We all want our country back! We want our lives back!!!

The so-called experts are experts in doubling down on failure and increasing hysteria in people’s lives.
Resulting from the measures for preventing the pandemic spread, many people struggle with mental health breakdown, physical pain, etc. All the measures Dr. Anthony Fauci introduced to us and were our punishment!

Fauci ruined the country. Because of him, our country lacks education! We will see the result during the following years.

People are unable to flourish in athletics and the arts! They cannot trust anyone!!!

Maybe years will pass until we see how busted we are resulting from Fauci’s perverse Frankenstein act!
Fauci is not the doctor we need! Everything he is doing is a complete farce!
These covid-19 restrictions have made us prisoners, hopeless zombies believing in the lab of nonsense!!!
We need to be aware of what he is doing! Somebody has to pay for these results!!!

We all could have been different people, better people, if we haven’t listened to him!

Maybe everything would have been better if we followed Sara Brady’s steps! She was the first victim of the restrictions. She was arrested because she played with her children on a playground.
As Sara claims, she was only five minutes at the playground. Karen Supreme couldn’t bear the fact that two children saw how the police took their mother with handcuffs. She is the witness. Everything happened in front of her eyes while she was in her car eating her lunch.

Sara’s husband, Tim Brady, said that Sara would fight against everyone and everything until the last breath.

“What a lot of people don’t know, especially those that have taken time out of their lives to criticize, threaten, harass and stalk her and our family is that she is the wife of a police officer. To add insult to injury, I have worked with the officer that arrested my wife several times throughout my 19-year law enforcement career.”

If you didn’t’ know, Sara’s husband is a police officer, and these are his words!

He is so fed up so he cannot tolerate these evil people anymore. It’s not only about his wife. Fauci should be our role model to show how the government should work, but he is entirely the opposite!!

Tim also stated that he would not be part of their dirty work.

“I fear that the profession I love will someday in the future force me to leave because I won’t participate in destroying my nation. The next time you hear or see a story about the abuse of law enforcement power, please remember there are those who are still out there fighting for what is right. Vowing to uphold the oaths we have taken.”

Fauci and his team brought only chaos, destruction, madness in people’s lives!

What kind of high-profile person are you when you force a person to doubt the nobility of his profession???

Enough is the word that we need to say! Enough is enough!

We cannot let those people ruin our country and our lives!
All those who think differently and still support Fauci and his gang are traitors!

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Addison Wilson

A passionate teacher in English Language and Literature ready to give her best! Developing and implementing diverse curriculums covering a wide range of subjects. With my problem-solving skills, every job will be easily completed, so punctuation is my strength. Highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and observation. My working style fits every personality type, so it makes me a great team player. I have completed numerous journalistic projects successfully, so digging for further information is my field. Fighter for freedom of speech! The truth must be revealed!

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