Comedian Wanda Sykes Uses Steve Bannon Fake Story For Boosting Personal Publicity!

That’s really low – riding on the political anti-Liberal train for your own publicity! That’s what they are doing all the time – President Trump is presented to be the bad guy, as well as his followers, but however, they’re more popular than the Liberals!

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Wanda announced on Twitter hos she has personally met Steve Bannon on a flight, and gave him “the stink eye”.

Hahaha – the way she searched for an exit, and still tried to ruin his firm reputation, just made her look even more pathetic!

Bannon is banned off Twitter, but he had his War Room co-host address Wanda’s false claims.

And Raaheem’s response was pure gold.

Here’s what he said:

Here are some of the comments on Twitter:

“Typical liberal just giving random people dirty looks. they’re so hateful”

“I’ve seen your so-called “comedy” routine honey… and Hell doesn’t get worse than THAT”

“Without Trump, Wanda goes back to being a washed-up un-funny comedian.”

“Hey, Wanda aren’t you friends with NM House Majority leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton??? Can you ask her where that 5 million she embezzled is hidden?”

“these losers won’t admit it, but they all miss Trump”

“Gosh, how low do you have to go to make dumb stuff like this up?

“That poor guy she was giving the “stunk eye” to was probably like what the hell is happening here?”

“This woman is secretly in love with Trump and Bannon and the whole 2016 gang”

“Wanda, get a life, you loser”

“Desperate for attention, lady?”

“It’s had for all the Resisters – they have no “shtick” anymore, so they have to make shit up”

What’s your comment on this circus act?


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