Colorado Shooting Hero Was Shot By A Police Officer

The Arvada Police Department has just issued the official report confirming this.

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According to their report,

” The man who took down the Colorado shooter who had killed a police officer on Monday was killed by another police officer.”

“According to the department’s Facebook page, the incident began about 1:30 p.m. Beesley, who had been looking for Troyke in response to concerns from Troyke’s brother, was near Olde Town Square in Arvada.”

“As the police officer walked through an alley, Troyke pulled into the area in his truck., parked, took out a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, and followed Beesley, the Facebook posting states.

Troyke yelled at Beesley, who turned and was shot twice, without taking any defensive action or reaching to his gun.

Troyke then shot out the windows of patrol cars in the area, ran back to his truck, and took out an AR-15.

As Troyke reached the square, Hurley, armed with a handgun, confronted him and then shot him.”

“A responding Arvada Police Officer then encountered Mr. Hurley, who was holding the suspect’s AR-15. The officer shot him,” the department’s statement said.

“Arvada PD views Mr. Hurley’s actions as heroic; it is clear that he intervened in an active shooting that unfolded quickly in a busy commercial area in the middle of the day, and that he did so without hesitation. Mr. Hurley’s actions certainly saved others from serious injury or death,” the Arvada police Facebook post said.

“Finally, it is clear that the suspect bears responsibility for this tragic sequence of events,” the statement said.

And this surveillance video was also released with their report and their statement:


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