Coke Continues to Take Hits… Their Stockholders Have Now Turned Against Them…

Going “woke” doesn’t pay off for businesses.

On any and all levels.

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It’s a shambles from top to bottom, and it has the potential to destroy your brand.

And that’s precisely what we’re witnessing with Coca-Cola, which has decided to enter politics while also promoting left-wing race divide nonsense.

A sugary, carbonated soft drink business should avoid these two items with a ten-foot pole, and their entire public relations department should be fired.

Coke has been dealing with disgruntled customers, sinking sales, and now, things have just gotten worse for the disgraced beverage brand.

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Shareholders have become enraged by the “woke” crap, and they are now taking action.

Concerned Coca-Cola shareholders are contemplating legal action against the “woke” carbonated soft drink company for its support of race-based policies, according to Bizpacreview.

Coca-general Cola’s counsel demanded in January that legal firms serving the business “agree to at least 30 percent of each of billed associate and partner time from diverse attorneys, with at least half of such amounts coming from Black attorneys,” according to the shareholders.

Firms that fail to satisfy minimal diversity obligations may face penalties ranging from fee reductions to outright dismissal.

On behalf of shareholders, the American Civil Rights Project wrote to Coca-Cola earlier this month, demanding that the company either “publicly retract the discriminatory outside-counsel policies it announced in January or provide access to the corporate records related to Coca-officers Cola’s and directors’ decision to adopt and retain those illegal policies.”

That’s some very gruesome and severe stuff.

But look how they ended the letter…

That’s what I call a warning shot.

And it’s beneficial for them…

We must fight back against the corporations that promote divisive, left-wing garbage.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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