Coca-Cola Gets Heat They Didn’t See Coming – Now What?

Coca-Cola is the first liberal corporation to suffer a major setback as a result of its opposition to Georgia’s voter ID rules.

Georgia’s decision to protect voter integrity was recently called “unacceptable,” “false,” and “a step back” by the organization in a statement.

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The recent passage of Georgia voting laws aimed at strengthening state election integrity triggered a huge backlash against Coca-Cola after the company’s CEO, James Quincey, called them “unacceptable,” “false,” and “a step backward.”

Quincey, who joined the Coca-Cola corporation in 1996, spoke out against the new legislation on CNBC on Wednesday, saying that “we will continue to campaign” against it “both in private and in public.” Many people took to Twitter to share their displeasure with his remarks.

This stance isn’t boing well for Coke, who is now facing a barrage of criticism for their anti-voter law stance.


They, too, are in bed with China, just like anyone else.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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