CNN Reporter Goes Off Track Saying “I’ve Never Seen A President So Protected By His Aides”

Conservatives on the internet have been pointing out for months that Joe Biden’s aides never seem to let him answer a question. Biden’s team wants the “President” to stay as quiet as possible, in contrast to the transparent Trump administration.

Furthermore, Biden has repeatedly warned the press that if he answers specific questions without their approval, he will “get in trouble.”

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CNN deviated from the script and revealed the truth, if only for a little minute.

Far-left On Wolf Blitzer’s broadcast, CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny made the devastating admission that reporters can’t even ask Biden a question without his aides “screaming at him.”

“What we haven’t seen him do is respond to such queries without his aides yelling at him to stop. “In the four presidents I’ve covered, I’ve never seen a president who is so shielded by his advisers in terms of refusing to answer questions,” the far-left reporter stated.


As we revealed earlier this week, Biden was concerned about what would happen if he spoke to the press without supervision:

Another oddity about Biden is that he can only call on persons who have been pre-approved:

Another clip from April shows Biden saying that if he answered questions, he’d “get in trouble”:

My query is…

What’s going on at the White House, exactly? Who is in charge of the situation?


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