CNN Producers Make Brutal Admission About Cuomo Coverage

Sex scandals are the first thing that clicks on your mind when the Cuomo name comes up. The two brothers are both notorious on the field.

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Cuomo should have been fired well over a year ago, after he abdicated journalistic responsibility and started using airtime as paid political advertising for his brother.

But, after being finally fired from the CNN network, some of the behaviour reported and recorded by his colleagues and even the producers of the network, speak loudly about his unwanted presence there.

Cuomo was fired during the much-hyped SEC Championship Game between No. 1 Georgia and No. 3 Alabama, just in case you needed to know how desperately CNN wanted this story to sink into the background — because “additional information has come to light.”

And here’s something even juicier from The Western Journal.

“On Thursday, conservative guerrilla journalism organization Project Veritas posted a clip featuring previously unreleased videos taken in March with two CNN employees who featured heavily in Project Veritas’ series on the network, published earlier this year. In it, the two employees talk about the network’s coverage of Andrew Cuomo, then still the governor of New York and once a frequent guest on his brother’s show.”

“To attest to the strength of the media, look at what happened with Cuomo and the bulls*** that he pulled off for years and years and years, but when his numbers went down because all of a sudden there’s — the thing with the nursing homes starts to happen,” technical director Charlie Chester said to an undercover Project Veritas journalist.

“And there is stronger now because the giant goes down just a notch, people feel empowered to come forward,” Chester continued. “Guarantee you, a number of women have come forward and PR firms are like ‘wait for our moment, wait for moment. Down tick, strike.’ Only happens because of the strength of media today.”

“Do we know where this is going to end up with the Cuomo situation?” the reporter asked Chester. He didn’t.

“The interoffice has already outlined that Chris Cuomo is no longer allowed to interview his brother on air because they’re saying it’s a conflict of interest, which is bulls***.”

Chester was then asked who issued that edict.

“The organization — CNN and [network head Jeff] Zucker. We’re not doing that anymore,” Chester said. “Which is complete bulls***. That should have been from day one.”

“Why are they doing that?” the Project Veritas reporter asked.

“Because the scandal that’s happening with the brother, they don’t want CNN to be accused of, like, downplaying it or playing favorites at the scandal. News first,” Chester responded.

“Is that the case, though?” the reporter asked.

“No, not really,” he said.

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