CNN Is Famous For Their Horrible Actions! Their Tweet About Waukesha Is The WORST So FAR!

CNN has gone too far, and they can’t stop doing stupid things. Their employees have performed many dangerous things, starting from spreading lies to misinformation and slander.

What we saw now is the worst of all! They have reported on the Christmas Parade slaughter in Wisconsin, and they did that in the most disrespectful and blatant propaganda we have ever advocated.

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It’s the worst! We knew that they would delete the tweet fast, so we took a screenshot.

CNN will do everything in its power to protect the leftists’ narrative that BLM supporters are good people and MAGA not! Of course, they want to promote the agenda that the worst thing in the world is white supremacy and angry white people. So, the events like the Capitol represent an attempt to take over the country. These people, according to the leftists, are domestic terrorists.

Here’s their latest tweet: “Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others.”

CNN reported that a ‘’car’’ slaughtered the people, not a BLM supporter!

It’s propaganda, and North Korea could be jealous of this.

Americans won’t tolerate this anymore. So they have destroyed the tween in the comments.

Here are some of the online comments.

“SAY HIS NAME you evil Fake News Bastards!”

“A “car” did this? Not a human being with intent to kill and maim and being held on $5 million bail? You guys are a joke.”

“CNN, you’ve done a lot of low-life things, but this right here could take the cake. Children died. Do you have a soul?” 

How does anyone work at @CNN anymore without looking in the mirror and vomiting. You are a disaster and a pathetic joke.”

“reason number 3,473,607 why people hate the media. Some cars did something apparently. Gross reporting”

“Alternative headline. “One week since a black supremist radicalized by the media killed 6 white people and injured dozens””

“This is a deliberate action, it should be called out. Why the cover up?”

“A car? Journalism is dead.”

“A car did that all by itself? Whoa… thanks for the journalism”

“The goal is that when Brooks gets a life sentence, people will be angry because “it was just a car accident.” CNN did well convincing everyone that Kyle was a crazed white supremacist. Hell, lots of people didn’t know that the people he shot were white until the trial began.”

“Imagine the headline if it was a red hat wearing Trump supporter doing this at a Juneteenth parade.”

“There is no limit to the dishonesty of CNN.”

“this is intentionally anger inducing, to drive rage clicks. CNN and the rest of the msm know exactly what they are doing.”

“I’m old enough to remember when those airplanes flew themselves into those buildings.”

CNN knows what it’s doing; everything was planned. They don’t care if people know they are working for the Dems or not!

But, the owner is taking over CNN, and he’s tired of this stuff and will change many things.

Stay tuned; we are sharing with you the latest updates.

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