CNN Host: It’s For Americans To Be Vaccinated

When it comes to fulfilling Joe Biden’s stated target of mass vaccinations, there are disturbing indications that coercion would be the weapon of choice for the “public-private partnership.”

With the administration’s drive to bring vaccines into the hands of every American stalled, the one-party government now faces a dilemma. There is just one solution for others.

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Many that are “vaccine hesitant” will now face increased pressure to line up, roll up their sleeves, and get “the jab.” Some have already stated that it is time to actually compel people to comply or face the consequences.

One of them is CNN’s Michael Smerconish, who used his show over the weekend to advocate for such drastic measures. According to a New York Times article, he singled out “rural more Republican areas” with excess vaccine inventories.

“There are far more doses of the vaccine available than there are people interested in getting ‘the jab,’” Smerconish says. He then proceeded to rattle off a list of areas in mainly red states where there are few takers, blaming Trump supporters for weakening national unity and preventing herd immunity.

What is his solution?

It’s time to put the carrot down and get out the hammer, which will be wielded by an alarming coalition of state and corporate power. A popular form of government circumventing the Constitution is to outsource the dirty work to big business.
“Businesses have an advantage over the public since they may force workers to get vaccines and limit public access to private spaces such as airlines, mass transportation, certain sports and cultural venues, restaurants, and movie theaters.” He said this while endorsing state-sanctioned discrimination.

“Is the president’s reserved approach sending the right message?” Smerconish asked, implying that Biden isn’t being aggressive enough.
He chastised Biden for wearing his black mask to last week’s sparsely attended speech to Congress, and he also chastised Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris for donning the face masks that have come to symbolize the party’s authoritarian tendencies.

He went from gently criticizing Biden and his Democratic colleagues for their mask obsession to openly implying that authoritarianism is the answer.

“Those who remain unvaccinated are most at risk at this stage, but according to a CNN survey, those who have not and will not get the vaccine are the party most comfortable with returning to our routines.”

“Is the best way to persuade the unvaccinated to do their part to show them those who have had their vaccinations are still wearing masks?” he said. Or, in a pre-COVID environment, will displays of our lost liberties be more powerful messaging? “Here’s another carrot,” he says, referring to Chicago’s latest vaccine passport scheme. “ If this type of reinforcement fails, the government and the press have the option of using the hammer.

“Businesses have particular clout because they can compel workers to get vaccines and limit public access to private spaces such as airlines, mass transportation, most sporting and cultural venues, restaurants, and movie theaters,” he added.

Smerconish then cited a USA Today op-ed by a “former federal prosecutor” who advocated for those who refuse to get the vaccine to be shunned and lose their right to work.


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