CNN Harshest Backlash Caused By Their Massive Blunder!

We may declare that currently, CNN is at its lowest point! In DC, there was a horrific carjacking.

Girls at 13 and 15 carjacked an Uber Eats driver. These girls with a taser attacked the driver, so he tore off in the car.

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The car crashed and changed its position upside down at the ending point. The poor driver got out of the car, but he died because of the injuries on the pavement.

The entire act and situation are tragic! I’m horrified.

The girls were found and charged with felony murder. Their crime cannot be sentenced long enough!

Can you guess how CNN described the incident and the crime scene?

They couldn’t find a worse way to do that! Precisely this description brought them to their lowest level, and they touched the bottom.

CNN published: “Police said the girls, 13 and 15, assaulted an Uber Eats driver with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured.”

This is the most immense, harshest, and swiftest backlash ever. Numerous people commented on this issue.

Also, more comments:

  • “You people are literally soulless sickos. It was a MURDER, not an “accident”…my God.
  • Led to an accident? He was murdered. #AsianLivesMatter you goons.”
  • “I can’t believe what I just read. This poor guy died?? 13 and 15! What the hell!”
  • “Two girls murdered a man after carjacking him. Fixed it for you.”
  • “Well, the two girls were more worried about their phone being left in the car than the man they murdered, but so were the police and the guardsmen that were standing right there too. This is a super weak headline.”
  • “It was murder.”
  • “They killed him. Do you speak English?”
  • “They murdered him, and one of the girls was more concerned with her cellphone still being in the car than the man she just murdered laying dead on the sidewalk. Who raises sociopaths like this?”
  • People think they can get away with this because people like @CNN refer to it as an accident.”
  • “They murdered him. The teens murdered the driver. You are allowed to say that.”
  • “Murdered him*.”
  • “…” led to AN ACCIDENT IN WHICH HE WAS FATALLY INJURED?” @CNN, those little girls murdered him wtf. Is wrong with your headline.”
  • “They murdered him. @Cnn it’s okay to say so.”
  • “Led to an accident? More like drove him to his death and brutally killed him.”
  • “Is this your way of saying “mostly peaceful” Carjacking? Come on; they murdered this guy by driving into lamp posts while he’s halfway in the car….. then overturning the vehicle. Brutal, intentional act.”
  • “Fatally injured,» really CNN? That was a murder, and the two girls are violent criminals, and they killed a man. In fact: One of the girls, after killed that man, it’s only worried for she’s cell phone was still in the car.”
  • “This is an absolutely vile and disgusting portrayal of what actually happened. The “accident” was caused solely by two thugs trying to steal a car. It was murder.”
  • “Fatally injured” is a weird way to say MURDERED.”
  • “It’s felony murder.”
  • “Two girls murdered a guy.”
  • “It wasn’t an accident; it was murder during the commission of a felony.”
  • “They robbed & murdered a guy doing his job in difficult times. Cut the shit.”
  • “Those little monsters killed that man. They can spend the rest of their natural lives in an 8 by 8 cell reflecting on their choice.

CNN, so shameful from your side!

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