CNN Flips Script, Blasts CDC For Telling Vaccinated Americans to Wear Masks?!?!

Why did CDC’s Director, Rochelle Walensky, talking with CNN host John Berman shockingly flipped the script???

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When he challenged the Biden administration and the CDC for their conflicting comments regarding the COIVD-19 vaccination and masks?

At one point, Berman asked her “why the hell” vaccinated Americans would have to wear masks.

“With prior variants, when people had these rare breakthrough infections, we didn’t see the capacity of them to spread the virus to others,” Walensky explained. “But with the Delta variant, we now see in our outbreak investigations that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks, in those outbreak investigations, we have been seeing that if you happen to have one of those breakthrough infections, that you can actually now pass it to somebody else.”

Walensky covered her tracks by pointing to “new science” and tried pinning the blame on the unvaccinated.

“You can understand the frustration in those of us who are vaccinated saying, ‘Why the hell do I have to pay the price for this?’” Berman asked.

According to the report published by the Daily Caller,

“Walensky claimed that the new guidance was put in place because if vaccinated people are in an area with a higher level of COVID infections, there is a “reasonably high chance, if nobody is wearing a mask, to interact with people who may be infectious.”

Walensky added that even though breakthrough infections are rare, the intention was to prevent vaccinated people from spreading the virus to others.

Berman wasn’t the only CNN host to challenge the new mask recommendations. CNN host Erin Burnett also flipped the script when she challenged the Biden administration and the CDC.

The comments came during an interview with CNN’s medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner after the CDC and Biden administration announced they are now recommending vaccinated people wear masks. The development sent shockwaves throughout America considering the Biden administration promised vaccinated people would no longer have to wear masks.

“I understand what you’re saying, but I also take a step back here and I say OK, first they said — and science and information can change, right? But we all remember at the very beginning here, mask up even if you’re vaccinated because you could spread it. And then, yay, guess what, you can’t spread it. And now, oh my gosh, now you can maybe spread it. And they’re making the change to the masking guidance based on unpublished data,” Burnett said.”



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