CNN Blasts Biden For His ‘Total About-Face’ On The Drone Strike That Killed Ten Civilians Rather Than ISIS-K Terrorists

The truth was ultimately revealed on Thursday. General Kenneth McKenzie admitted to the terrible’mistake’ after the Biden administration lied twice about a drone strike in Kabul that killed ten innocent people rather than the ten ISIS-K terrorists alleged before.

General McKenzie added, “It is also my view that the strike team was confident at the time of the hit that the area was devoid of civilians and that they had taken prudent procedures in weaponeering the operation to limit the risk for civilian casualties.” “Finally, it is my opinion that they did feel there was a secondary explosion, as reported. Our inquiry has led us to the conclusion that the strike was a regrettable blunder.”

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“First and foremost, I want to emphasize that this was not a hasty strike,” the general said. “For eight hours, the strike cell tracked and monitored this vehicle and its occupants, cross-checking all they saw with all available intelligence.

“Second, while initial reports indicated a secondary explosion, the initial investigation could only establish that external accelerants were present, which might include either explosive material in the car or an ignition of the vehicle’s gas tank,” he continued. “Following that, while the presence of a minor amount of explosive material could not be ruled out, the most likely cause was the igniting of gas from a propane tank positioned just behind the car.”


Ten innocent individuals were killed in the drone strike based on Taliban-sourced “disinformation,” as previously reported.

The drone strike on August 29 was supposed to stop an alleged ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport, but it instead killed a U.S. charity worker called Zemari Ahmadi and his family, which included seven children. However, a Pentagon insider revealed exclusively to Becker News that the military’s intelligence sources were based on an untrustworthy Taliban report. As part of a disinformation campaign to portray the US as an untrustworthy friend for remaining Afghan resistance fighters and to serve as a recruitment tool, the Taliban tipped off US intelligence.

As Becker News first reported, the Biden administration launched the drone operations in the aftermath of suicide explosions near Kabul airport that killed 13 Marines. The alleged terrorists were described as “high profile” by the Biden administration, although they were not named. CNN’s Jake Tapper chastised the Trump administration for deceiving the American people.

“This is a complete 180 from the Pentagon’s original denial that anything went wrong days after the attack,” added Tapper. He presented a video of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley claiming on September 1 that this was a “righteous strike.”

Tapper said, “No longer so righteous.” According to the CNN story, the Pentagon targeted the “wrong vehicle.”

On Friday, John Kirby of the Pentagon admitted to the alleged “war crime.”




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