CNN Anchor Deems The Armed Insurrection ‘Revisionism’

CNN host John Berman said Tuesday that it is a form of “revisionism” to argue that the Capitol riot was an armed uprising.

“It’s happening last night on opinion television, Tucker Carlson and his show fantasy island, questioning whether or not what we saw was actually happening, saying it wasn’t an armed uprising, saying it wasn’t white supremacists, there were no white supremacists involved,” Berman said on CNN’s “New Day.”

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“Well, that’s obviously dangerous. And it is certainly outrageous. I’ve lived through it. There were a lot of folks who lived there that day, in the Capitol. We’ve got folks who are gone. “We have people who have been severely injured, our Capitol police folks,” Berman told Peters.

On Jan. 6, during a rally that rapidly turned into a violent riot against the Electoral College’s certification of the presidential election results, a crowd of people invaded the Capitol building. According to The New York Times, the Senate is beginning its bipartisan hearings on Tuesday over the security measures that failed to control the riot.

The meeting, consisting of two Senate committees, would consist of interviews between lawmakers and officials charged with protecting the Capitol, the Times reported. Members of the United States Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department were among the officers who responded to the riot.

Peters said the evidence collected from arrests and video recordings made it clear that terrorist groups played a major role in the Capitol violence outbreak.

So hearing those kinds of remarks is just outrageous. And the fact that this is a problem really denies it. We’ve got a serious menace. We have a serious threat from violent terrorist groups as well,’ said Peters. “That’s something I’m going to focus a lot on as the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, as white supremacy and other extremist groups are rising.”

“It’s a real threat. We must tackle it with the urgency it deserves. “And putting out this false information undermines homeland security,” Peters said, adding that “undermining the security of this country” was this line of thought.


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