CNN Admits White House is Baffled By Kamala Harris’ Inability to Respond to Easy Questions

This week, Kamala Harris is being scrutinized for allegedly “sleeping her way to the top” of California politics.

As vice president, Harris traveled internationally for the first time.

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Harris had a bad interview performance on her trip.

She was unable to respond to simple, straightforward queries.

In fact, White House sources are “perplexed” by Harris’ failure to respond to these straightforward queries.

This was covered by CNN, and you know things are terrible when even CNN is questioning your ability.

Check out the video below:

Vice President Harris is on her first foreign trip as vice president, emphasizing the challenges she confronts in her post as the Biden administration’s top official in charge of the Central American migrant crisis.

Harris was attacked by progressives in her party for openly telling migrants “Don’t come here” in a press conference Monday, while Republicans slammed her for not doing enough to help the ongoing border crisis. In a Tuesday interview with NBC News, Harris flubbed a response to a question about her plans to visit the border.

Harris responded, “We’re heading to the border, we’ve been to the border,” before NBC’s Lester Holt informed her that she had already gone to the border.

Even Democrats admitted that the trip had not gone as planned.

“She will be plagued by this trip and this topic for the rest of her political career,” one Democratic consultant warned emphatically. “The border is a tricky subject, and she can’t win within her own party, so Republicans will continue to hammer her for these comments for a long time.”

Democratic strategist Joel Payne noted, “Immigration is not an issue that anyone would join up for given the clear political cost.”



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