Clue About Joe Biden’s “Presidency” Hidden in Jen Psaki’s Briefings

Sure, Jen Psaki’s “circle back” comments have given us all a good laugh.

Of course, after being ribbed too often about it, she’s stopped saying it – but it hasn’t completely vanished.

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Many took the remark as a sign of ignorance, as though she turned up to her briefings totally unprepared, and they were probably correct – the woman seems to be in way over her head, which is probably why she’ll be leaving next year.

Kayleigh McEnany, on the other hand, believes Jen’s little fling goes far deeper than that.

McEnany has a hypothesis about the word “circle back,” and it has less to do with Incompetent Jen and more to do with Bumbling Biden.

Jen’s “circle back” phrasing, Kayleigh claims, is a covert indication that Joe Biden has been cut off from his “vital workers.”

To put it another way, he is a bumbling puppet to whom no one speaks.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s now-signature response to reporters that she’ll have to “circle around” with them has been a source of much amusement — but could this be due to the fact that she doesn’t have keys to the basement?

Psaki’s repeated calls to “circle around,” according to Kayleigh McEnany, who served as White House press secretary under former President Donald Trump.

McEnany said she didn’t have to do a lot of “circling around” with reporters because she had constant access to Trump.

“I was still aware of my boss’s role. Unlike other press secretaries who may not have had walk-in access to the Oval, I was able to enter at any time.

She added, “I still knew where his head was at, so didn’t have to do lot of circling back because President Trump gave me lot of access.”
McEnany believes Biden is continuing trend he established during the campaign. Biden has now gone for the longest period of time without holding solo press conference.
“All along, that was his strategy,” she said. 
“Hide in the cellar and don’t talk to the Americans.”
McEnany,recent Fox News analyst, compared this with Trump, who not only made himself open to the media on regular basis, but also seemed to enjoy it. 
(In fact, we can all accept that Trump will be remembered for long time.)

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