Biden Asks 6-Year-Old Little Girl If She’s “Seventeen” (VIDEO Resurfaces)

An old Joe Biden video clip is making the rounds.

Personally, I never saw this clip, and I thought I saw all of his creepy stuff.

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An independent journalist, Paul Joseph Watson, dug up this video clip.

You can hear Biden asking a 6-year-old little girl if she is 17-years-old in the film, which seems to be from C-SPAN.

If that’s not bad enough, the child’s face will be touched in a manner that is extremely, highly inappropriate.

I am a mum, and if any man ever talked to my child like that, or touched her like that, I don’t care who he is, he will end up speaking to the police.

Below, you can watch the video:


Unfortunately, because of his powerful status, many parents allowed Joe to get away with this action, and they probably did not want to generate “waves.”

And during that particular process, they managed to create a monster.

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